Old School RuneScape Seasonal Deadman Mode Guide

OSRS Seasonal Deadman Mode Guide


Seasonal Deadman Mode (SDM) is a variation game style for Old School RuneScape introduced in March 2016. There are several differences between conventional Olds 5 in season 1, season 2 Experience will still be very quick at lower levels, but the more you train your stats the smaller your experience multiplier will get. If a skulled player enters a protected area (Diagram 1), then they will be assaulted by level 1337 Guards and perpetually rooted until death. Most forms of teleportation and logging-out need a 10 second countdown before activation.



You need to understand that DMM is a pking server. It is not a server for skillers to get 5x xp, it is not meant for earning money to swap, and it shouldn't cater to skillers, questers, and iron men. If you want to play with DMM, get with the program.





-When saving skills save only those which can allow you to regain wealth and profit quickly, in deadman mode it's all about the money! Do not go anywhere without a Complete inventory of the best food you can get



-In the event of a bank , Don't have lots of money in your bank or on you. Store surplus cash in a high value, easy to market item. Cash cannot be safeguarded, but a thing can!



-Always protect hitpoints until it's secured at 75, and one main battle stat (magic, strength, or ranged)



-Get overheads (43 prayer) as quickly as possible and set your quick prayer to safeguard melee and steel skin to avoid getting speced out.



-Just because you are obviously a noob or rebuilding, does not mean people won't kill you. Gear up when you're out and about to increase chances of success.



-Important key alert: Don't wonder around. Know where you are going, how you are getting there, and where to quickly escape if you get attacked before leaving a safe zone



-Don't be a minimal level. I know you don't have enough time to play 12 hours a day like some of those people, but you do not have to. It's 5x xp for God's sake, it is possible to get reasonable combat stats in no time if you focus on combat training. Even skillers need high combat in DMM



Training within a participant owned home will grant nearly no XP, however, will be entirely safe if on personal and offline.



All rooftop agility courses are high risk, even if in a safe location!



You can still use items in your house even if you lose your construction level.

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